Spiros Dielas is a music composer specializing in film, television and video games. He was born in Athens, Greece and started his music studies at the age of nine by taking piano lessons and drum lessons three years later at Philippos Nakas Conservatory. These instruments have influenced his musical writing both rhythmically and melodically. Yet, he often uses ethnic instruments in order to blend them with the orchestra and so add extra colours through his orchestrations.

His passion and interest in film started from his teenage years not only by watching films and paying close attention to the scores, but also by fitting other composer’s music and his own to specific scenes. At this stage he started writing pieces of music for theatre projects in school and slowly developed a strong instinct regarding the connection of music and storytelling. After high school he continued his studies in harmony, composition, orchestration, history of film scoring and film scoring itself. Because he wanted to gain an in-depth knowledge, technique and experience in film composition, he studied for the Master’s Degree in Composition for Film and Television at the University of Bristol in England.

Spiros has collaborated effectively with a number of directors, animators, producers and video game developers. He had the honour to compose the music for the official logo ident of the University of Bristol, the promotional videos of the lessons, which the University provides online at the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) site as well as the incidental music for these lessons. Apart from this, he collaborated during his studies with the BBC Natural History Unit in Bristol for a short fragment for the spring episode from the ”Frozen Planet” television series. He had the opportunity to conduct his music with the Bristol Ensemble.

He also composed the music for the short film ”A Fear of Parenthood”, directed by Stuart Parkins which was screened at the Portobello Film Festival in London and the short stop-motion animation “Facet” which was screened at the CineMe film festival in Bristol. For the ”Elemental” video game, Spiros incorporated the styles of both ancient Greek and Egyptian music, using instruments not only from the East, but also from the West in order to create a unique soundscape. The documentary genre is another field that Spiros has composed music for such as: the investigative documentary ”Welcome to Britain” which investigates illegal immigration in the U.K. and the wildlife documentary ”Wildlife, Who Cares?” exploring the conservation of wildlife. Both documentaries were produced for the University of West England in close co-operation with the BBC.

Spiros’ approach to film composition combines his unique musicality with his understanding of the cinematic language as well as the narrative and visual structure. Currently, he is teaching the craft of film scoring to musicians and film music to young filmmakers.