‘Exploring Greece’ album release by Bleach & BMG Production Music

The ‘Exploring Greece’ album is now available by Bleach & BMG Production Music. The label under which the album is released, is called Discoveries and is represented accross the world by  sub-publishers. The album features eleven original compositions inspired by the Greek traditional music of the Greek regions, with an atmospheric twist suitable for media users. 

The music was composed by Iannis Anninos, Nikos Angelopoulos, Marios Pappoulias, Andreas Kapoulas and Spiros Dielas who also produced the album. The compositions were recorded in Spiros’ studio featuring the following musicians:

 Ioanna Riga – Santur
Nikos Triantafilopoulos – Percussion
Nikos Alexopoulos – Percussion
Dimitris Brendas – Greek folk clarinet, Kaval & Ney
Marios Pappoulias – Violin & Ac. Guitar
Nikos Angelopoulos – Lute, Lafta & Ac. Guitar
Andreas Kapoulas – Bouzouki, Tzouras & Baglamas
Iannis Anninos – Acoustic Bass
Spiros Dielas – Percussion