Greece Traditional & Documentary albums release by EMI Production Music

EMI Production Music released the two albums (traditional & documentary) that Spiros worked regarding the music of Greece. The albums are part of the KPM World Music Series catalogue and consist of five original compositions and five traditional Greek folk songs arranged as instrumentals.

The Greece Traditional album focuses on authentic performances and orchestrations whereas the Greece Documentary on the same compositions with an atmospheric twist. Both albums offer a variety of musical choices from the various regions in Greece as well as edits for all media applications.

All tracks were recorded and performed in Greece by skilled musicians who specialise in the Greek traditional music. The mixing was carried out in Athens, Greece at Odeon Studios whereas the mastering in the U.K.

The albums were released in September 2018 and are available worldwide through sub-publishers that collaborate with EMI Production Music.

In Greece the albums are available via Musou Music Publishing.

Greece Traditional:

Greece Documentary:

‘Exploring Greece’ album release by Bleach & BMG Production Music

The ‘Exploring Greece’ album is now available by Bleach & BMG Production Music. The label under which the album is released, is called Discoveries and is represented accross the world by  sub-publishers. The album features eleven original compositions inspired by the Greek traditional music of the Greek regions, with an atmospheric twist suitable for media users. 

The music was composed by Iannis Anninos, Nikos Angelopoulos, Marios Pappoulias, Andreas Kapoulas and Spiros Dielas who also produced the album. The compositions were recorded in Spiros’ studio featuring the following musicians:

 Ioanna Riga – Santur
Nikos Triantafilopoulos – Percussion
Nikos Alexopoulos – Percussion
Dimitris Brendas – Greek folk clarinet, Kaval & Ney
Marios Pappoulias – Violin & Ac. Guitar
Nikos Angelopoulos – Lute, Lafta & Ac. Guitar
Andreas Kapoulas – Bouzouki, Tzouras & Baglamas
Iannis Anninos – Acoustic Bass
Spiros Dielas – Percussion




“Let Me Be” release

Spiros co-wrote the indie pop song “Let Me Be” with the singer/songwriter IRENE. The song has a jolly, positive and upbeat feeling which makes it ideal for use in the media industry. Spiros wrote the music and IRENE the lyrics who also sang the song. Spiros recorded all the instruments at his studio and Ilias Lakkas carried out the mixing and mastering at ODEON studios in Athens, Greece.

Here is some footage from the sessions:

Spyros Delta recording acoustic guitar

Giannis Giannakos recording the ukulele 

Ukulele ready for recording










Ilias Lakkas mixing & mastering the track at ODEON studios in Athens, Greece

“Winds of Unity” release

The “Winds of Unity” track was composed for the World Music II album published by The Goldleaf Music Library and JW Media Music. The composition combines the traditional music and instruments of the Greek regions with an orchestra.

It is released on various edits which can be listened to on Soundcloud page as well as a version without the orchestra, but only the Greek folk instruments, under the title “Grecian Journey”.

The music was recorded using performances by musicians and mixed & mastered by Dave Darlington at Bass Hit Studios, in New York. It can be licensed by the PRS for Music License Manager and it is available in several countries worldwide.