Music for Advertising


Spiros composed & produced 3 fresh tracks for use in the advertising and branding industry. These are:

Flying High: Lush orchestral music set off by rhythmic glockenspiel, flutes and piano creating a sense of anticipation that strives into a positive, joyful and wellbeing track.


Happy-Go-Lucky: A cheeky track full of rhythm, hand claps and a fresh memorable melodic voice melody.


Cloud Nine: Mellow acoustics and shaker opens up a memorable track full of strong, positive melody carried through on double bass.

All tracks are instantly available by Strophic Music Publishing

Enjoy listening!


‘Light Latin-Jazz’ Album for Clearwave Music


Spiros composed & produced a 12-track album which includes latin-jazz, smooth jazz & jazz music for Clearwave Music Ltd. It is instantly available for use in the media industry.

The album features live performances by top jazz musicians in Greece.

You can read more details and listen to the album here.

Happy New Year!

Spiros wishes all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2016. New and exciting projects are in the pipeline for the coming year, so keep visiting the website for updates.

Jellybox Music UK releases

Jellybox Music UK has released a list of 36 original tracks of different moods and genres. You can listen to the music on the Jellybox Music website by inserting “Dielas” in the search box.


Strophic Music UK releases

Spiros announces that Strophic Music Publishing has released four tracks in the “Chilly Penguins” album:

A Colourful Winter’s Morning: A playful, orchestral track portraying a festive animated scene with cheeky and fun moments.


A Busy Daybreak: A lively orchestral track depicting an energised, animated, bustling scene.


Mischief on the Ice: An orchestral track portraying an animated scene with mischievous and playful elements.


Winter’s Arrival: The rich sound of brass opens this beautiful orchestral piece conveying magical anticipation.

Enjoy listening!

Teaching Seminars at the University of Athens

Spiros will be teaching four seminars on film music to the students of the University of Athens cinema club, in Greece. He will focus on the learning and understanding of the function, role and purpose of music in films. The main goal is to develop a sense of drama and aesthetic perception of the proper handling of music in films to the students. Finally, he will analyse the director-composer relationship and spirit of collaboration.

Mixing & Mastering

Spiros recently mixed and mastered two tracks for his friend and colleague Niko Paterakis. The first track with the title ”Surrender, Ritual Rebirth”, is a powerful, epic piece of music with Oriental elements.

The second track with the title ”Ma l’ Amore…No”, includes orchestral and ethnic instuments. Percussions such as the davul, darbuka and riq as well as the violin solo were recorded at the Berklee Valencia studios in Spain.

Voyage without an End


February 2015: Spiros finished the music for a project in collaboration with the MA students of AKTO College in Athens, Greece. The project’s title is ”Voyage without an End” and it will be presented live at Philippos Nakas Conservatory on 20th March 2015.

Bristol University

December 2014: An article was published by the University of Bristol about Spiros joining the Hollywood Elite Composers.