Welcome to Britain

September 2014: Spiros finished the score for the investigative documentary ”Welcome to Britain” which investigates illegal immigration in U.K. He collaborated with the Italian-Brazilian director Gustavo Graziani. The documentary was produced for the University of West England in close cooperation with the BBC.

Wildlife, Who Cares?

Wildlife Who Cares-Poster-page-001

August 2014: Spiros had the pleasure to collaborate with Jess Pitcher regarding the new wildlife documentary ”Wildlife, Who Cares” which follows a team dedicated to the vital work of preserving the natural habitats of England. The viewer will have the chance to follow the tales, the triumphs and the tragedies as one rescue centre takes on this challenge. The documentary was produced for the University of West England in close co-operation with the BBC.

Facet-Animation Film


May 2014: Spiros composed the music for the short stop-motion animation film ”Facet” in collaboration with Laura Tofarides. The film explores the ideas of home, nationality and immigration and what home means in an increasingly globalized world. This is a unique project, as the film’s narrative relies mostly on the audio track, rather than the visuals

Elemental Video Game


May 2014: Spiros collaborated with Thomas Mortensson and his team which developed the ”Elemental” video game. This is a medieval multiplayer 2.5D player platformer with Wii mote integration. The game revolves around the use of four abilities: Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. Spiros had the chance to compose music for the ”Deserts” and the ”Mountains” level.

Frozen Planet

Frozen Planet

January 2014: Spiros had the chance to collaborate, during his studies, with the BBC Natural History Unit in Bristol for a short fragment for the spring episode from the ”Frozen Planet” television series. The music was recorded with the Bristol Ensemble