Why choose Spiros for my project?

Spiros always tries to communicate original ideas to his collaborators and incorporate these in the music depending on the context of the project. His aim is to create something new and not repeat himself. His training on the drums and piano has influenced his compositions and orchestrations both rhythmically and melodically.
A strong and profound knowledge of the cinematic vocabulary is necessary when it comes to writing music to picture. The most important question that Spiros asks when working on a project is how the music will serve the narrative and visual structure. On the one hand, it is important to locate the major Act changes, the inciting incident and the overall theme and meaning of the film. On the other hand, the tone, colour, scope, pace and image system of the film are components that play a key role in the music. This way Spiros’ music has a strong connection with the visuals and characters and so is able to follow and complement the story. Many working composers today lack this knowledge and rely purely on their instincts. Good film composers should have both instinct and a deep knowledge of the cinematic craft in equal proportions, and luckily Spiros possesses both.
Before starting to write the music, Spiros will research into the location in case local or ethnic instruments and the sounds of the environment can provide a musical connection. A similar procedure is carried out to analyse the characters and develop a further and deeper musical dimension.
Since Spiros is an easy-going person, he is a good collaborator. He takes his collaborators’ opinions, needs and directions into great consideration and respects their ideas and vision, even if they are occasionally entirely opposite to his personal point of view. Undeniably, he would express his objections when necessary, as he has found that when he communicates valuable arguments, people will consider them very seriously and often agree in the end.
Spiros takes each and every project very seriously and has a strong work ethic. As he is an organized and responsible person, he respects the deadline and always delivers the final product on time.
It is imperative for a media composer to be flexible not only in the styles and genres of music that he composes and produces, but also in working under budget and time constraints, which often restrict the work of a composer. Spiros always tries to find alternative solutions when it comes to budget or time limitations in order to deliver the best possible result. If it is necessary, he is prepared to modify his music to fit the filmmaker’s vision exactly.
Spiros will collaborate with his network of musicians, engineers and recording studios to produce a richer production or alternatively produce a digital realization of the music in his studio to bring the cost down. Therefore, he can scale up or down in order to suit the demands of your project.
Spiros owns all the latest sample libraries, plug-ins and state-of-the-art studio equipment. He is well versed in the craft of mixing and mastering in order to deliver the best possible sound and production quality for each individual project.